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target drive up pickup

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Target drive up pickup

Target drive up pickup is a great alternative to standing in lines!

Are you looking for ways to get your groceries and other items without standing in lines? Well, Target’s drive up pickup option is for you. This shopping option allows to do your shopping without even leaving your car! And with the Coronavirus spreading, and social distancing as the new norm, the last thing we want is to stand in lines.

How does it work?

Target’s drive up pickup option is available when using the store’s app. If you want, you can do your shopping on a desktop while signed in to your Target account, then checkout using the app. Once you are ready to checkout, be sure you have chosen “Drive Up” as your pickup option, and you’re all set!

Can you use coupons?

Yes! You can use Target Circle Offers (digital coupons) and promo codes when shopping online or in the app. You cannot use paper coupons, but there are plenty of manufacturer and store coupons available there.

What are the payment options?

You can pay using a Target gift card, credit card, Apple Pay, or your rewards points.

Is there a minimum?

Nope. There is no order minimum. So, if they have it available for you to pick up, then you can drive up and get it!


As you can see, Target has made things very easy for us to shop from home and pickup without leaving our car. So, if you do not want to stand in those lines, or wait for grocery delivery, be sure to check out this great option!


If you want to see Target drive up pickup in action, be sure to check out my YouTube video!