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Make a K-Pop fan happy with this BlackPink Party idea!

The K-Pop group, BlackPink, is all the rave right now. So, recently my daughter turned 10 years old, and she is a huge fan of K-Pop. But with what’s going on in the world, I had to come up with not only a kids party idea, but also a social distancing birthday idea. And, I definitely did!

The best part is, this party was also able to glow-in-the-dark. I was able to turn the lights off, and really make it shine!

I am known for finding ways to save money, so I had to make sure this party didn’t break the bank. See how I pulled off this epic (and affordable) BlackPink party. I’ve supplied the links to all the products to make this kids party idea super easy for you.



I was able to get a black and pink birthday 7 x 5ft birthday backdrop from Amazon for about $17. It had great quality, and it was packed well so I didn’t have to iron wrinkles out.

blackpink birthday backdrop



I easily hung the backdrop on my LimoStudio backdrop stand, which I already had from my YouTube videos. I have the 10 x 7.3 ft size, which was $45. They also have a 9 x 13 ft size for about $30. It comes with a carrying case, clamps, and it’s sturdy. I also suggest this if you plan to start a YouTube channel.

backdrop stand on amazon



The balloon garland put this BlackPink party look together. I purchased a Mouse Color Balloon Garland for $12.99, which came with 40 balloons, and everything I needed to quickly make the garland.

It came with some awesome clear balloons with black and pink confetti in them, as well as black and pink balloons. I didn’t use the light pink or polka dot balloons. Instead, I replaced them with some plain black balloons. It came together perfectly! And 2 months later, my daughter still has a keepsake because the balloons are still inflated!

black pink balloon garland



Don’t think I blew up all those balloons on my own! LOL! I used this Portable Dual Nose Balloon Pump to help me out. It was only $20, and I’ve had it for a while now. Old faithful!

balloon pump



I went the cheap way with a tablecloth. I just got a black vinyl tablecloth from a dollar store. Then I used this Pink Tinsel Fringe Table Skirt to add that extra girly look. It was around $7. I easily taped it around the edge of the table, and I was good to go!

pink tinsel fringe table skirt


Now that we have the background stuff out of the way, let’s focus on the elements such as the cake and lighting options that made this a glow-in-the dark party, and really put things over the top…



A BlackPink party theme needs something special. I got the coolest 10-piece LED Number Candle Set for $17.99. It came with all the numbers 0-9, it was reusable, and it came with several wax candles.

They come in various color options: pink, gold, and multicolor. I got the multicolor set. It was cool to see the colors changing. They can run for hours, and they have an on/off switch. Plus, they also look great with the lights on or off!

led number candle set



For the background lighting, I placed this Idealife Rechargeable Submersible LED Light in the background. It has many color-changing options, remote-controlled, magnetic, rechargeable, and has multi-uses. I’ve even used it to light up my bathtub!

rechargeable submersible led light


I had to keep the party glowing with disposable Glowing Party Cups. I use these cups at all my parties. They are a hit! The kit comes with cups and glow-sticks that are to be placed around the lip of the cup. It looks really cool, and the lights last for hours!

glowing party cups



I was able to get the cake from a local bakery. But they had no clue what BlackPink was, so I had to find cake toppers myself. I was able to find them free on Pinterest!

I printed and cut them using my Cricut Maker machine (which I already had). They could also be cut by hand, but the toppers are detailed, so it was easier to have my machine do it. I then hot glued them to dowel rods, and was done in no time!

blackpink cakeblackpink birthday cake


This BlackPink party was easy to put up and break down. Since we won’t have to worry about social distancing, not only for those of you looking for birthday ideas for kids in quarantine, but it’s even good if you need ideas for kids birthday at school. So, if you need a girls party idea, consider this one!

Plus, I was able to get huge discounts, and even some of these items at no cost, using free gift cards that I earned with various apps. Be sure to check out my Savvy Hacks To Get Free Gift Cards, and save big! And even more money-saving tips!

Enjoy this video of how my party turned out!

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