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How I got to 1.5 million monthly Pinterest views…

Do you want to master Pinterest and grow your views? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

As someone that has grown my Pinterest to 1.5 million monthly viewers, I will tell you the Pinterest strategies that have worked best for me. Be sure to follow my Deal Finding Diva Pinterest page to see exactly what I pin!

Read on, and let’s get more viewers to your Pinterest and your blog!


grow monthly pinterest views

The first bit of advice I can give to grow monthly views is to make sure you pin often. And I mean, several times a day. I currently pin an average of 30 times per day.

I know you’re thinking “she has no life.” Maybe you’re right. LOL! But my time is barely spent adding pins to Pinterest. I automate my pinning schedule using Tailwind.

If you’re not familiar with Tailwind, they allow you to schedule Pinterest pins and Instagram posts at the click of a button. So, I can have dozens of pins scheduled within minutes. If you’re not a part of Tailwind, I highly suggest you join. Use this link to get a $15 credit for Pinterest Plus as a new member. That’s a free month! Be sure to check it out!

But, my growth can definitely be attributed to Tailwind. See how much I grew in one month:

At this rate, I’ll be hitting 3 million monthly views next month!


tailwind tribes pinterest grow

Another way that I use Tailwind is by using their “Tribes” feature. Tribes are groups you can join where all the members agree to post a certain amount of other people’s content in exchange for being able to post their own content in the tribe. Basically, it’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of agreement.

When you post in Tailwind Tribes, you have a high chance of having others re-share your posts because everyone is obligated to share other people’s pins.

On my current Tailwind plan, I can join a maximum of 5 tribes. I’ve joined the 5 maximum. And this is what I learned:

  • Choose Tribes that a high level of engagement. When searching for new tribes, there is a graph that shows the level of the Tribe’s engagement. You don’t want a Tribe where the members have a low level of sharing each other’s content. Yours won’t get shared often. That defeats the purpose of being in the Tribe. I left a couple of Tribes in the past for that very reason.
  • Follow the rules of the Tribe. Tribes often have rules regarding the size of your pins, how many re-pins you must do (ie. post one, share two), valid links on your pins. If you don’t follow these rules, your pin can be removed, or they may even kick you out of the tribe!
  • Check the links of pins that you share. Sometimes, people will post a pin that has a broken link, or that sends readers to a sales page. While I don’t check every single link, I do check many links to make sure this is is a page I wouldn’t mind visiting.


pinterest evergreen content

Evergreen content is a necessity. In case you don’t know what evergreen content means, it is content that can be relevant for a longer period of time. For example, this post about how to grow your Pinterest views can be useful for a longer period of time, than a post about a shoe sale. The shoe sale post will be useless a month from now while growing Pinterest views will be useful for years to come.

That said, focus on evergreen content, so you can continue to have visitors to your blog even on old pins. My most popular pins that drive more traffic to my blog are ones I posted over a year ago! So, focus on that long-term traffic!


Pinterest boards are the grouping of different Pinterest categories on your page. You may know that. But did you know you should put some time into your boards?

You should take the time to add descriptions to all of your Pinterest boards. And when you do, focus on relevant keywords. If you’re making a board for recipes, having words such as “best recipes” or “how to cook” in the title and/or description is helpful. Those are words that are commonly searched when looking for recipes. For example, if I am looking for a biscuit recipe, I’m likely to search for “the best biscuit recipe.” I don’t want basic biscuits, I want “the best!”

This also goes for your individual posts. Use those keywords. They will help you so much.


pinterest hashtags

Hashtags aren’t just for Instagram. Many people overlook the fact that hashtags are useful on Pinterest.

Use relevant hashtags on your Pinterest board descriptions, and on your individual pins. This tells the algorithm to get people to your post based on those words. Plus, it allows you to add more keywords that you didn’t write in the description. That way, you have a higher chance of more Pinterest views.


Whether you’re using Tailwind Tribes or not, you want to mix up your content with other people’s pins. A good strategy is to post more of other people’s pins than you do your own. On average, I have an 80/20 split. 80% other pins, and 20% my own.

That’s another great thing about Tailwind, they will tell you how much someone else’s pin is re-pinned. Re-pin other people’s pins, especially the popular ones. If people obviously like that pin, re-pinning it on your page will give you more exposure, and more Pinterest views!


Pinterest is a visual platform. Having eye-catching pins is so important! So if you’re wondering, “Why are my Pinterest views decreasing?” Not having eye-catching pins may be the culprit.

When people are scrolling, you only have a split-second to catch their eye. So you have to make yours stand out!

To create appealing pins, I use Canva. They have pre-made templates so you can pick a design, easily change colors, photos, and other elements within the template. Sign up for Canva, and get a month free!

Plus, Tailwind makes new templates available every month that you can get free if you join their mailing list. The designs are awesome, and they look different from the ones that so many people are grabbing from the Canva library.

I’m currently beta testing a new feature that Tailwind has to create a bunch of templates in a quick minute. So, if you’re a Tailwind member, keep an eye out!


If you are into growing even larger, I highly suggest starting a YouTube channel. Check out my post on How To Start a YouTube Channel on a Budget to get my tips for starting a successful YouTube channel cheap.

I use the Deal Finding Diva YouTube channel to help get more traffic to my blog. I add my blog’s links to my videos to keep my blog’s pageviews up. And I earn an additional income from YouTube ad revenue. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, and subscribe while you’re there!

Hopefully, the above strategies will help you skyrocket your monthly Pinterest views. Much luck to you! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.