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Have you seen these gas prices lately??? It makes me want to keep my car parked and just WALK. But that’s not realistic, so I choose to find gas discounts. Now, I never pay full price for gas. How do I do it? I’ve put together a list of hacks for you to save money when filling your gas tank too. Here is a list of my favorite gas hacks:

Shell: The Shell Fuel Rewards card is free and is a must-have for saving gas at Shell. When you use your card by either swiping or inputting your phone number at the pump, you can save a minimum of 5¢/gallon. (Be sure to use my link so you can get instant Gold Status and save the most).

If you link a Master Card to your account (you don’t have to charge gas to it), if you use your card at participating stores or restaurants, you will earn an additional 10¢/gallon for every $50 you spend. A good idea if you like to eat out. They often have local participating restaurants.

If you shop online, go to the Fuel Rewards website and enter the store name where you plan to shop, use the link to go to the store’s website and shop as normal. You can earn rewards of various amounts.

Similar to online shopping, if you plan to travel, use the Fuel Rewards website to book travel, and you will earn 5¢/gallon for every $50 spent.

Of course, Shell also has a credit card. They often have incentives for additional money off per gallon when you sign up for the Shell credit card.

Many times, Shell will have offers to earn even more. As of the time of this posting, they have an incentive where you earn 10¢/gallon every time you fill-up with at least 5 gallons of gas.

Sounds like a deal to me!

Exxon/Mobil: Unfortunately, Exxon/Mobil has limited rewards. They used to use the Plenti as a rewards program, but Plenti is no longer in existence. So, for the time being, getting the Speedpass app is the way to go. Speedpass is an app that must be downloaded and used on your phone. You can link a credit card and pay right there at the pump by scanning the QR code on the pump. Speedpass often has incentives such as, get 10¢/gallon for using the app to pay.

Exxon/Mobil credit card is the other way to save money. There are sign-up bonuses where you can save 25¢/gallon or more when you sign up for the credit card. Even after the sign-up bonus ends, you would still get 6¢/gallon for using the Exxon/Mobil credit card. The way the credit card works, you do not get savings instantly, but they would reimburse your credit card for the savings on your next billing statement.

Every little bit helps!

Sunoco: Sunoco Gas Rewards is a partnership with Acme Markets. The rewards are accumulated as points. You need 100 points to get 10¢/gallon, 200 points=20¢/gallon, and 1,000 points=$1/gallon. You’d have to sign up for a free Acme MyMixx account, (there is no card, you just use your phone number) then you can earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at Acme. If you fill a prescription you get 1 point for every dollar spent, and if you purchase a gift card, you get 2 points/$1 spent.

The thing about these rewards is they expire pretty fast. You must use rewards earned by the end of the following month. So rewards accumulated in June must be used by the end of July or they will be forfeited. Honestly, that part sucks. But if you frequent Acme, this rewards program may be for you.

Finally, like the other gas stations, you can earn money off per gallon if you sign up for the Sunoco credit card.

I hope this information was helpful. In my opinion, there’s no reason to ever pay full price for gas. Be sure to watch my YouTube video to best understand how you can save the most.