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Earn cash as an Uber driver, rider, or using UberEats

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We have all heard the Uber commercials letting us know that driving for Uber is a great way to make an additional income. While that’s true, I’m here to let you know that not only can you make money as an Uber driver, but you can get extra bucks by being a rider or ordering UberEats as well. I’ve done both. And I have the pictures to prove it! I’ve driven for Uber and I’ve used the service as a passenger. Each time I’ve driven and used the service, I have gotten $2 for each ride. How? Keep reading, I’m going to spill the tea.

How to Get Extra Cash as an Uber Driver

If you are in need of some extra money on the side, Uber is a great option. It’s easy to sign up, and the background check is quite fast. I was up and running in just a couple days. Of course, you will need to verify your auto insurance, driver’s license, and vehicle registration. Uber offers incentives for new drivers so you can earn even more. Right now, they are giving $250 guaranteed when you sign up and complete 30 trips. Now here’s one thing many people don’t know: You don’t have to allow strangers into your car when driving for Uber. Many of us prefer to do UberEats (food delivery) instead. Yes, you are still eligible for the incentive when you drive for UberEats. Also, the earning potential can actually be higher depending on your tips. So, remember that. Tips can significantly increase your earnings when driving for Uber.

Now here’s where I spill the tea! In addition to the incentive above, Uber drivers can earn even more money by linking their Uber and Shop Your Way accounts. Yes! That free account that you use when shopping at Sears or Kmart will earn you $2 for every Uber ride you give, including UberEats up to $100. Once you hit the $100 max, it’s not over! You will be eligible to earn the $100 max every 3 months! So, that’s $400 a year that would be added to your Shop Your Way account. I can attest to this, I’ve used 2 of my quarters so far. If you only knew the feeling of spending $100 worth of free money at Kmart and Sears…twice! Don’t miss out on this free money, link your Uber account and Shop Your Way account here.

**Don’t forget, once you become an Uber driver, vehicle maintenance, gas, and mileage is tax deductible. Plus, Uber has a rewards program to give you discounts on travel, car maintenance (50% off oil changes and 30% back in points at Sears), and so much more. You can access the Uber rewards program once you become a driver.***

free money from Uber

I got free money in points from Shop Your Way for driving Uber!

How to Get Extra Cash as an Uber Rider or Ordering UberEats

Uber riders, you too can get free money for being an Uber rider or ordering food from UberEats! The Shop Your Way and Uber partnership benefits customers too! Just link your Shop Your Way and Uber accounts and you too can earn $2 credit added to your Shop Your Way account for every Uber ride you take or each UberEats meal you order. The max for this incentive is also $100 per quarter. So, that’s $400 a year in Shop Your Way points that you can earn just for taking Uber rides. It’s easy and free to connect your Shop Your Way and Uber accounts.

Uber Rides Got me free Shop Your Way money

I recently took a couple of Uber rides and got $2 (2,000) in Shop Your Way points for each ride!

Once I linked my Uber and Shop Your Way accounts, there was nothing else I had to do. And the points show up fast! Usually within 1-2 days. It’s a nice surprise to go into your Shop Your Way account and see that you have enough points to cover whatever you want at Kmart or Sears. It’s happened to me a few times! Remember, Shop Your Way points are spent like money in Kmart and Sears. So, whether you are grocery shopping, grabbing household items from Kmart, or getting auto parts or clothing from Sears, Shop Your Way points can cover your purchase.

Stop missing out on free money, link your Shop Your Way and Uber accounts now!