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Deal Finding Diva bio about me

Hey! Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself. My name is Nikki “Deal Finding Diva” and I’m a shopaholic. LOL! No, really, I love to shop, but I love to save even more. I have expensive taste, but absolutely despise paying full price.


I’m a mother who balances this blog, my Deal Finding Diva Youtube channel, my Nikki4Real Youtube channel, and life. A member of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists (PABJ), I am dedicated to educating consumers through print, video, and 1-on-1 coaching. So, while I love buying things for myself, I love to help others.


I started this blog because I have had so many people come and ask me tips to save money while shopping, what I think of items I have used, and life in general. So, not only will I be sharing my secrets to saving, but I will also be providing you product reviews, and whatever else may come up along the way. And I love to have fun, so I’ll be entertaining you as well 😉


On this site, you will find tips on fashion, beauty, family, travel, side hustles, and whatever else I feel should be shared with you Divas and Divos (yes, guys I look out for you too).


So, enjoy the blog and feel free to leave comments, questions. And be sure to visit my Deal Finding Diva and Nikki4Real Youtube channels.









For business inquiries email: [email protected]



For non-business inquiries email: [email protected]