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It’s true!

I know you’re looking at the title of this post and thinking “Invest with none of your own money? Yeah right.” Well, I’m here to let you know that it is very possible to invest without removing money from your bank account.

Any wealthy person will tell you that you should invest in SOMETHING. Whether you choose to invest in real estate, stocks, or something else. You have to make sure you have your money working for you, instead of always working for the money.


How I became an investor …

become an investor

First off, I started small. Having money in savings accounts is good, but what does that get you? .1% interest on your money? Or maybe even less!

That is why I decided to start investing in stocks. But I did not use my own money. I used the money that is given to me from shopping rebates.


The strategy

save money strategy

My strategy to become an investor is by using the cash back apps that I mention in my blog post, SAVE LIKE A BOSS! 6 CASH BACK APPS YOU NEED NOW!.

The apps mentioned in that post actually gave me money for my regular grocery shopping. It’s as simple as uploading receipts after my shopping trips. I’ve got back well over $2,000 in the last 3 years for my normal shopping.

Instead of just taking the rebate money I get, and buying more stuff, earlier this year, I decided to start taking a percentage of the money (usually about half) and invest it in stocks.

Now, I will be the first to tell you, I am not a guru when it comes to stocks, but I can understand it enough to actually gain a profit on my portfolios. Here is my strategy to make my rebate money work for me:

  1. I started with the Stash Investment app. This app actually gave me $5 to start an account. Cha-ching! More free money! Plus, they gave a free 1-month trial, and it was only $1 a month thereafter.
  2. I was able to invest the $5 in pre-built portfolios. For example, there is a portfolio by the name of Young Money that contains companies such as Twitter & Netflix. They also have low-risk options such as bonds.
  3. After I saw that the Stash app was legit, I then linked my bank account.
  4. When I would get cash back via Paypal or check from the cash back apps, I would transfer it to my bank account and invest about half of that money into my Stash portfolio.


How long did it take?

time to invest

After investing for 5 months, I had over $200 invested…from rebate money, not my own cash. And if I continue to invest well, it can grow to much more.

I spread my money among various stocks, as it is better than investing in a single stock. After I buy stocks, I forget about them for a while and check it every so often.

Looking in there now, I see the stocks that are doing well have gone up over 10% each. The ones that have gone down have only lost about 3%. So, my money (that wasn’t originally my money) is doing well!


Become an investor challenge

investment challenge

Join me in the Stash Investment challenge and see how easy it is to become an investor. You will get $5 to start, just for signing up using my link!

If you want to see a visual of the money I made when I started using this strategy, check out my YouTube video below.

Happy Saving!

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