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hacks to shopping and saving online

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The best hacks to shopping and saving online!

More people are shopping online than ever before. But did you know that you can get back a lot of the money you are spending online? Yes, it’s true! It’s a common misconception that rebate websites are not real. I can tell you, they are. As I have gotten over $1,000 back from rebates for my regular online shopping. And not only can you get a lot of money back, but you can also save a lot more than you may think. I’m going to fill you in on my favorite hacks to shopping and saving online. Your wallet will thank you for reading this.


hacks to shopping and saving online


I have used almost every rebate website around. If you are not familiar, rebate sites are a hub to take you to the online store where you want to shop. So, if you plan to shop on Macy’s website, then you would go to the rebate site,  Rakuten.com and use their link to Macy’s and continue your shopping as normal. Basically, the rebate site is paid by the retailer to send consumers to their website. Forget the fact that you were going there anyway. LOL!

All rebate websites have all given me the rebates they promised. Thing is, rebate websites are not all created equal. So let me tell you about my go-to rebate website, Rakuten. This one is my fave because, in general, I get the highest rebates percentages from them. Rakuten will often have bonus rebate offers (ie. a rebate that is normally 2% back, may give 10% back for a limited time). Plus, they have a steady schedule for giving the cash back. Rebates are given every 90 days, usually around the 15th of the month, in February, May, August, and November. So all the shopping you’ve done in the 3 months prior will be given in a payment month. For example, your shopping for May-July will be paid around the 15th of August as long as you have at least a $5 balance. If not, the balance will roll to the next payment date.

You get paid via Paypal or by paper check. As you can see below, I have got back nearly $1,000 back from Rakuten.

It is free to use Rakuten, so there is nothing to lose. Plus, you get a $10 sign-up bonus!

rakuten rebates

Again, I have used many other rebate sites. The problem with some rebate sites is that they will only pay when you reach a $20 threshold. Or they may have a longer waiting period to get your money. But, my other favorite site, Ibotta, is also worth a try. You must use Ibotta as a phone app, but they are even giving an even bigger bonus, up to $30.


hacks to shopping and saving online


Promotion codes are some of the most important hacks to shopping and saving online. Many times, people are in a rush to go nowhere when shopping online, and do not use promo codes. This can end up costing you so much money! If companies offer discounts, why not take them?

Another issue with promo codes is that people don’t know where to find them. It’s as easy as a simple web search (ie. “Macy’s promo code 2020”). Another way is to get a promo code from Rakuten. Yes, they have them right there on their website. Or you can sign up for emails from the company you are purchasing from. If you want to know how I get emails from companies, without having my email filled with junk, be sure to check out my video below.


hacks to shopping and saving online


This is one of my favorite hacks when shopping online. If I find an item I want, but I can wait for it, I let it sit in my cart. Yes, I leave it right there in the cart. Basically, I’ll go through the checkout process, but do not go through with checkout. Word of advice: DON’T ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! Once, I was on a website and was going through the checkout process. When I got to the last page, I decided to search more online for a lower price. I had already entered my credit card information and closed the page. The next day, the company charged my card! I eventually got my money back, but what a hassle.

But during the checkout process, do give your preferred email address. There is a chance that the company will send you an email the next day saying something like, “you left this in your cart.” Many times, they will offer you a discount, or two, or three. I had one company email me with an offer for 5% off if I checked out the next day, the following day, they offered 10%, and the third day, they offered me 15% off. That may not seem like a lot, but the item was $500. You do the math!


With these hacks to shopping and saving online, you can save BIG. Especially if you prefer to shop online as opposed to in-store. You can avoid lines, save gas, and time. And remember, many stores offer same-day pickup. So you can apply my hacks and not have to pay shipping or wait for your item to come in the mail.

For more on this topic, be sure to watch my YouTube video!

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