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how to become a secret shopper mystery shopper

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If you’ve been wondering how to become a secret shopper, this is for you…

how to become a secret shopper

In case you can’t tell by the name of this blog, I love to shop, and love to find deals. One of the perks of being a lover of shopping is that I get paid to shop. Yes! I get paid to go into stores, hotels, amusement parks, casinos, restaurants, and even test drive cars. The options are endless!

I am a secret shopper, or a mystery shopper as some call it. Secret shoppers pretend to be regular customers to gauge the customer service at a business.

One of my favorite resources for finding secret shopping gigs (or mystery shopping as some call it) is BestMark. It’s free to become a Secret Shopper with Best Mark. (I wouldn’t have signed up if it cost me money). The application is simple and I was approved within one day. They are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, so they’re legit.

For more upscale jobs, I use Coyle Hospitality. They are also free to join. With Coyle, the businesses are usually more high end. If I want to get paid to dine at a five-star restaurant, this is the company I use.

how to become a secret shopper

Finding jobs

The process to register for a shopping job was super easy. The website filtered options by distance so I was able to see the closest jobs first. If a job caught my eye, I could read the details and requirements and apply at the click of a button.

There is also an option to apply for a job by calling Best Mark directly. The turnaround to get approved for a job is quick, usually within a few hours, if applying online. After completing an assignment, I fill out an online survey, submit a receipt if I made a purchase, then sit back wait for my check!


What do mystery shoppers do?

Most jobs require me to speak with an employee about a specific product and get their name or business card. The best part is, I shop at many of these stores anyway. So, I’m getting paid to go into my favorite stores!

Also, there are many jobs that will reimburse you for maintenance on your vehicle too. You can get money back for services you already need, such as an oil change. Yes, that means FREE service. I was bummed about this because I just got my oil changed about a week before I found this site. Don’t miss out on this perk, like I did.


Why I love it!

So many of us need some extra money, so why not make it fun and become a secret shopper? You can sign up with BestMark here and see for yourself how to become a mystery shopper.

Check out my video for more details on how to become a secret shopper with BestMark and more companies:

Happy (Secret) Shopping!!!


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  1. Nicole Wood March 7, 2018

    OMG!!! How easy was that??? Deal Finding Diva had the link so accessible for me to just “click” and sign up to be a secret shopper!!! I’m loving her site!!!!