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These days, everyone has been clutching their wallets while still trying to enjoy life. That’s why I especially love using Goldstar for tickets to local activities.

Goldstar is similar to LivingSocial and Groupon, but they have options for FREE activities. Most options do have a cost attached, usually around 50% off (which is still great!), but there are many free options as well.

I, myself, have gotten free tickets to museums, comedy shows, theater show tickets, and even tickets to a toddler sing-along show for my daughter. There are endless options. And they have options throughout the U.S.

If you are willing to pay money for tickets, they are usually very low-price and you will have more options. Usually, the complimentary (free) tickets are for a specific date and time. TIP: Sign up for their emails and they will alert you when they have complimentary tickets in your area. That way, you can grab them before they sell out.

Goldstar is one of the best-kept secrets. Get a free membership here: