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where to get coupons

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Where to get coupons?

If you are new to couponing, you may be wondering where to get coupons. There are many places to get them. To make your coupon hunt easy,  I have listed the best coupon resources below:


1. Right here!

You can print free manufacturer coupons from the Deal Finding Diva Coupon Center. When starting out couponing, it’s always best to invest in yourself and get a printer if you don’t have one. Many of the best deals are in printables.


2. Your local newspaper

I don’t pay full price for newspapers. I was able to get a long-term offer with my local newspaper, so I pay less.

Even if you don’t get yours delivered, dollar stores are a great resource to get newspapers. Thing is, they sell out fast. So get up early!

Keep in mind, if you miss a week of newspapers, you miss a lot. So get your newspapers consistently. Most of us don’t want to leave the house on a Sunday just to get the newspaper from the store. Consider delivery.


3. Local flyers

Local flyers are an annoyance to many people as many people complain that it clutters their mailboxes. But not for a couponer.

Many times, the flyers that are delivered to our homes have coupons in the flyers that are not available in stores. Shoprite is good for this. If you think you get the same flyer in the store, think again. Often times, there are super coupons in Shoprite flyers that are not in the store which may include freebies.

Also, some areas will also send some of the same flyers that are available in the Sunday paper (ie. Retailmenot and Smart Source). So don’t throw those flyers away!


4. Friends and family

Since so many people choose to get rid of their coupons from their newspapers and neighborhood flyers, you can capitalize on this. Ask friends and family members that aren’t couponers to pass their coupons to you. Why not? It’s free money.


5. Magazines

where to get coupons in magazines

When figuring where to get coupons, many people overlook magazines. Yes, many magazines do have coupons in them. Especially magazines that are based on parenting.

I have gotten so many great coupons that are a much better value than the ones in the newspaper. It’s quite easy to find them for juice, snacks, and toys in family magazines that aren’t available in the newspaper.


6. On store products

where to get coupons on products

Pay attention when you are picking items off the shelves, sometimes a coupon may be attached to the item. You can use these coupons during that same shopping trip.

Tip: Be sure to make the cashier aware of the coupon. Many times, cashiers are so busy scanning that they overlook the ones attached to products.


7. Tear-offs

where to get coupons tear off

Never assume a coupon that is available from those tear-off booklets, or from the coupon devices on the shelves are low-value. I have gotten them for items that are completely free with no purchase necessary, just by paying attention to the display.


8. Catalina coupons

where to get coupons catalina

Catalina coupons are the ones that print out from the register. They may be store, or manufacturer coupons. Lots of people just leave these at the register.

Thing is, these coupons are often high-value. Always keep them!

Many times, it printed out because you have previously purchased that item, so there is a good chance that the coupon will be useful for you. And some are for completely free items!


9. Cash register receipts

Coupons on the back, or bottom of receipts, are often available at supermarkets and restaurants. Sometimes, it will ask that you do a quick survey and bring the receipt back for a free or discounted item. Other times, it will be an advertisement for a local business which is offering a discount or freebies to get new customers.


10. Contact the company

Sending an email to the manufacturer of your favorite products, is one of the best ways to get a high-value coupon. Companies love to hear great feedback, and will often reward customers for taking the time to send an email, by sending them a coupon.

Simply telling a company why you like their product, can result in awesome savings. Some companies have even sent me multiple coupons for free products.


11. Digital coupons

where to get coupons

Digital coupons are the coupons that can typically be found on the store’s app or website. These coupons load at the click of a button, and can be applied to your shopping order at checkout.

Some stores such as Acme, and Shoprite have a store loyalty card that you can use at checkout. When digitals are loaded, they go to these store loyalty cards. You can either scan your store card at the register, or give your connected phone number to the cashier. Your digital coupons that were previously loaded, will apply to your order.

Target has really great digitals, which can be found in Target Circle Offers section of their app or website. Although many stores do not allow digitals to be used in conjunction with paper coupons, Target does. Which can lead to incredible savings.


Keep these tips on where to get coupons, in mind when starting your coupon collection. Be sure to organize your coupons so you can easily find them when you need them. Get a binder or an expanding file folder to keep those coupons neat.


Check out my video on this topic, below. Happy couponing!