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So it’s time to grab something nice for that special someone and you have no clue what to get. Don’t sweat, I’ve got you.  Holidays can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of affordable gift ideas for men and women that won’t break the bank.

  1. Groupon: Not only does Groupon have low-cost trips, gifts and services. But if you sign up for their emails, they often have coupon codes that come out (usually on Tuesdays) that can get you an even bigger discount. I just bought my sweetheart a Groupon for someone to come to our location to detail his car. This service is normally $200 without the Groupon. The Groupon sold for $100. Plus, I used a coupon code and got another 20% off, bringing the total cost to $80. To make it even sweeter, I used Ibotta to take me over to Groupon which gave me 6% ($4.80) cash back AND I used my credit card that gives 2% ($1.60) cash back on all purchases! So, all in all, I paid $73.60 for a $200 service!!!
  2. Victoria’s Secret: Item prices vary widely at this store. Remember, they don’t just sell lingerie. Although lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving. Ladies, lingerie can be worn and your man will gladly receive it as a gift with you in it. Fellas, buying some lingerie, perfume, makeup etc. for your lady is always a good idea. Women can never have enough of this stuff. Around Valentine’s Day, and other holidays Victoria’s Secret always has special offers. In 2018, the Valentine’s Day offer is a savings of 20% off pink and red items. They also had free shipping offers and an incentive where you get a $25 gift card if you spend $75.
  3. A Rent the Runway Membership: I cannot say enough great things about Rent the Runway. If you are not familiar, RTR is a website where expensive clothing and accessories can be rented for a fraction of the cost of buying it. Using my link, you get an instant $30 credit for your first rental. Sweet, right?! It’s easy to find a dress rental for as low as $25! If a dress is rented, they will send you two sizes you’ve chosen just in case one size doesn’t fit. At no additional cost. There are a variety of membership options. The Basic Membership is free, but you’d have to pay for shipping and cleaning costs which would add about $15 to your order. The Reserve Membership is my favorite. You pay as you rent (4 or 8 day rentals) and you do not have to pay shipping or cleaning costs, PLUS you get a free birthday dress rental. Next is RTR Update for $89/month. With this membership, you get 4 rentals a month and you get to purchase items at a members-only discount. Then there’s RTR Unlimited. This is unlimited rentals with no shipping or cleaning costs, you keep the rentals as long as you want, and you can purchase items at a members-only discount. The cost is usually $159/month, but it does go on sale for a discount in the first month as low as $99. They also have a physical store in select cities such as Chicago and New York! What girl wouldn’t want to be like a celebrity and rock an expensive outfit and not have to rerun it? Sound like a great Valentine’s Day gift to me!
  4. Goldstar: Goldstar is a free membership website is one of the best-kept secrets. They are similar to Groupon, but they have options for free events and activities in addition to the ones you can pay for. Options include comedy shows, museum tickets, wine tastings, family activities, and so much more. Sometimes, an activity will cost money on some days and not others. You can even filter by date and location. If you get on their email list, they will keep you advised of specials and complimentary activities in your area. Try to check often as tickets do sell out.
  5. A gift card to his or her favorite store: This doesn’t have to be expensive. Plus, you can buy discounted gift cards online at a cost lower than the gift card amount. Gift Card Granny is my favorite resource for this. This website is a hub for a plethora if gift card websites. Thing is, if you are signed into Gift Card Granny and buy a gift card at one of the affiliated websites, you accumulate points toward a FREE gift card. You get a free gift card per 1,000 points. Gift card options include physical gift cards that can be mailed or printable e-gift cards which can be received as soon as within a few minutes.

I hope I made Valentine’s Day a little easier (and cheaper) for you. There’s nothing better than saving money that you will have to spend anyway.