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ibotta cash back

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When I go grocery shopping, I spend very little. People watching me in the store are surprised at how much money I save…including the cashiers. What people don’t realize is in addition to the big savings I get from using coupons, I also get cash back from my grocery shopping by using Ibotta.


ibotta cash back

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta has the widest variety of rebates than any other rebate app. Not only can you get rebates on items that you buy from a brick and mortar store, but you can also get rebates for online purchases. They have over 300 retailers they are affiliated with. Some of the favorites include Amazon.com, Target, Walmart, Acme, Wegmans…I can keep going. I use Ibotta mostly for rebates for in-store purchases. Groceries make up the majority of rebates offered by Ibotta.

Some rebates will allow you to claim multiple offers, so if it offers $1 back, and you bought 3 of that item, you get $3 back! Also, you can get bonuses for certain purchases. For example, they may offer you $2 cash back bonus if you purchase both Ruffles Chips and Ruffles Dip or $1 bonus if you purchase 12 rebate-eligible items.


Team Work Makes the Dream Work

cash back Ibotta team

There are incentives to build a team. Your team can consist of people you have referred or that have referred you. With a team, you can earn more bonuses. A team offer may look like “get $1 bonus if your team earns a total of $12 and redeems 8 rebates.” The incentives get higher for individuals and teams. The more rebates you redeem, the more bonuses you get. If you are looking to join a team, I’d love for you to join mine and get a $10 welcome bonus here.


How Do I Get Cash Back?

Ibotta allows you to cash out your earnings when you reach a $20 threshold. When you cash out, you can get the money sent to you via Paypal (my favorite option), Venmo, or you can opt to get a gift card. It’s that easy!

Again, sign up here and get a $10 bonus, plus, you can join my team! So let’s earn together!


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