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how to get grocery coupons and more free

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The secret to grocery coupons!


If you’re looking for ways to get grocery coupons and save money on your monthly expenses, this post is for you. One of the best ways to make sure you save the most on grocery shopping is to make sure you have an abundance of coupons. You never know when an item you have a coupon for will go on sale.

Here are the best ways to get those free grocery coupons:

  1. Get the Sunday paper. I like to get 2 copies in case there is a sale that requires a purchase of more than one of a specific item. The Sunday paper will normally have SmartSource, Retailmenot, and sometimes P&G coupon books. You’ll want to cut the coupons as soon as you can and get an organizer so you know where to find coupons for items when you need them. While this option isn’t usually free, you can ask friends, family, and neighbors for their coupons if they arent’ using them.
  2. Write to manufacturers. Did you know that if you write to the manufacturers of your favorite brands, there is a good chance they will appreciate your feedback and send you coupons? It’s so easy to contact companies these days. I know I’m gonna sound old, but back in the day, we had to write letters and send it through the mail to reach companies. Now, it’s as simple as going on the company’s website and finding the “contact us” page. My favorites for this include Celestial Seasonings, Birds Eye, and Brownie Brittle (yes, I’m addicted to those crispy little brownie chips, lol).
  3. Print coupons online. Now here’s where I make it really easy for you. You can print coupons directly from my coupon center. I like to go through (yes, I use it too!) and print any item I could foresee myself using. That way, I will have them on hand when they go on sale. Also, websites for your favorite companies often have coupons available on their website.
  4. Store flyers. Store flyers often have store coupons in them. Acme also puts manufacturer coupons in their flyers too! Those are usually for soda. Remember, a manufacturer coupon can be used at any of the stores. So, if a manufacturer Pepsi coupon is in the Acme flyer, and Shoprite has Pepsi on sale, that coupon can be taken to Shoprite. A misinformed cashier may see “Acme” on the coupon, but as long as it’s a “manufacturer” coupon, they can take it. Also, don’t forget, store coupons can often be stacked with manufacturer coupons. So if you have one of each, you can use them both on a single item.
  5. Digital coupons. These coupons can be loaded directly to your store card. Shoprite’s digital coupons are my favorite because not only can you stack a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon here, but you can also stack a digital coupon. I love Acme’s MyMixx digital coupons because on many weekends they will load a free item with no purchase necessary. The downside of MyMixx is they cannot be stacked with manufacturers coupons.
  6. Flyers. You know those annoying bags of flyers that get delivered to your doorstep every week. Well, they will be so much more annoying if they have manufacturers coupons that can save you money on your groceries. Check those flyers. Also, the store flyers often have store coupons in them that are not available in the store. So check those flyers!
  7. Get coupons from friends/neighbors. This is an overlooked resource. There are so many people that do not coupon. (I’m sure you know some). Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Ask them for the coupons from their newspaper or from the flyers that are delivered to their home. Or even the reverse, if you know a couponer, you can set up a coupon exchange. That way you can trade coupons that you may not want or need, for one that you want.
  8. Buy them. Now, when I say buy them, I mean pay a processing fee for them because “buying” coupons is illegal. I recently found The Coupon Clippers. I haven’t yet used them, so I can’t provide personal testimony, but they have been covered by media outlets for providing manufacturers coupons.

I hope this was helpful. These methods have saved me an abundance of money and they can help you too.

Be sure to check out my YouTube video for more details of how to get grocery coupons and discounts.