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apple class action settlement

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Get your money from the Apple class action settlement!

apple class action settlement


If you’ve owned an older model Apple phone, you may be entitled to a portion of a $500 million settlement with Apple.

Apparently, the rumors were true. Batterygate, as it has been coined, was when Apple was found to have been slowing down phone chips without the consent of phone owners. This prevented phones from reaching the full processing speed under certain conditions. Apple has given an apology for this scandal. But we’d rather see the money, right?



How much money can I get?

As a result of this Apple class action settlement, the company has agreed to pay up to $500 million to claimants. With so many people affected by Batterygate, this equals to about $25 per person. The good thing is, if you have owned more than one qualifying device, you can get a payment for each device.

And forget waiting for a check in the mail. Eligible claimants can get the money by direct deposit!



Who qualifies for this settlement?


If you owned an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, or an iPhone SE, that used iOS 10.2.1, or later, before December 21, 2017, then you qualify.

Also, if you’ve owned an iPhone 7, or 7 Plus, that used iOS 11.2 or later, before December 21, 2017, then you qualify, too!

Again, you can make a claim for each device that you have owned. You’re not limited to one. You’ll just have to fill out a separate claim form for each device. No worries, the form is simple.


How can I file a claim?


To file a claim for the Apple class action settlement, complete the form at SmartphonePerformanceSettlement.com. You will either need the serial number for the phone, or the site can locate the serial number based on your name, Apple ID, or address.

If you’ve moved or changed your name, then you may need to try variations of your information. But, start with your most recent info first.

The deadline to submit a claim is October 6, 2020. So, get your money!


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