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Wouldn’t you like to get cash back for items you recently bought?

If you’re anything like me, you played Santa and spent more than you wanted to this past holiday season. The worst part about it is that now that the holidays are over, many stores have dropped the price of many of the items that we’ve bought. But who has the time to go back through all of their purchases to figure out which items’ prices dropped and how much cash back you’re owed? If you were diligent enough to sift through those receipts and find price drops, I can guarantee you wouldn’t have the time or energy to run to figure out the price drop policy of every store you shopped at, then, at each of those stores explain to customer service that you’re owed cash back or a gift card for the price difference. Good luck with that! I like to live by the motto, work smarter, not harder.

Lucky for me, I have an easy hack to take care of the hard work of finding out which items dropped in price, and get my refunds quickly and easily. I just have my friend Earny do the hard work. No, I’m not a terrible user of a friend that has a buddy of mine do my hard work. Earny is a website and a phone app that will constantly look for price drops of items you recently purchased. No more buying items and losing out when the item goes on sale a week later. Earny takes care of that.


Earny is so seamless, I honestly forgot about it until I recently got an email from Earny telling me that a Hatchimals toy I bought for my daughter at Target had just gone on sale for a lower price than what I paid. Even though I forgot that Earny existed, my good ol’ friend was still working in the background looking for price drops.

How does Earny work?

  1. Sign up on the Earny website or phone app.
  2. Connect your email account to your Earny account (Earny searches your emails for receipts).
  3. Connect your credit cards that have purchase protection (Earny knows each card’s protection policy).
  4. Sit back and wait for Earny to notify you of price drops and money back or store credit!

Earny will show you the best route to get your cash back if a price drops. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything at all because Earny can draft an email or letter on your behalf to stores or credit card companies letting them know that you are owed a refund. The month after a refund is obtained, Earny will ask for a fee of 25% of the refund for doing the work of finding the refund. I don’t mind that, because it beats not knowing about the price drop and getting no refund.

With my recent Target refund, Earny sent me an email detailing the current price of the item and what I paid. It also included screenshots of the item and the receipt! It then told me to act fast (it was a one-day sale) and provided me with a link to immediately chat with a Target agent. The email had everything I needed, including a detailed paragraph that I was able to copy and paste into the chat letting the agent know the order number, the item, the price I paid, and the sale price of the item. From this simple chat, I didn’t get cash back, because I paid with a gift card but I did get an e-gift card for the price difference before the chat even ended! It was so easy!

The moral of the story: Don’t let these stores get over on you! Get Earny and get your cash back!


If you’d like more information on how Earny can get you a refund on items you purchase, check out my YouTube video about another assist Earny provided me.