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Hey Everyone,

With autumn upon us, I decided I would give you my biggest money-saving tip on clothes. But clothes during the change of a season. All clothing stores have to make room for the new styles for the new season so they drastically drop prices of their current inventory.

The best strategy as a consumer is to buy clothes ahead of the season in which you will need it. Especially if you have kids. Any parent knows, kids grow fast, and we end up putting out lots of money every year to buy our kids a new wardrobe. Take advantage of that. You have an idea of how fast your kids will grow, so during the end of summer sale this year, buy clothes in the size you child will fit next year. With this method, you can easily save as much as 90%. Think about it, stores such as Justice, who sells girls t-shirts for $25 on average, will have those same shirts on sale for maybe 60% off at the end of the summer and will have coupons such as $25 off $60.

These savings aren’t only for kids clothes, adults can take advantage of these deals too. The best part is, we don’t have to worry about growing every year. I can’t account for how much weight we may gain or lose since gaining weight from Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are a problem for many of us. Yikes! Stores such as Kohl’s, Macy’s, and JC Penney, not only have sales on the clothing, but they have coupons and rewards to accompany those sales.

Also, signing up for store cards is a bonus if you frequently shop at specific stores. The discounts for cardholders can be tremendous. Check out my detailed video on how to get the biggest bang for your buck here:

Remember, these tips are great for the change of any season. I hope they help you. They definitely help me!