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These side hustles will get you some good money on the weekend! 


Let’s face it. These days, one job is often not enough. If you’re looking for ways to make money on the weekend, this is for you. And the best part is, they can all be found on AppJobs.com!

AppJobs is a free platform that allows you to find and apply for side hustles at no cost. And users can rate the gigs, so you can choose jobs based on reputation if you choose to do so.

Check out these weekend side hustle options (that pay well) below. And if you like these, there are more great side hustles here.



People need coaches in life. And you can get paid to be one. Online coaching can fall into a variety of categories including:

  • Fitness Coaching
  • Productivity
  • Relationship Coaching

This gig can earn you about $100/week. And you can make your own schedule.  A good company for this is Coach.me. Find them, and more Online Coaching jobs on AppJobs.



online tutor job

Students of all ages need tutoring. From young students that need to learn a new language to dyslexic college students. You can assist a student that needs help and make about $100/hour.

Online Tutoring jobs can be found with companies such as University Tutor, and others. And they can be found on AppJobs.com.



rideshare driver jobs

As a former rideshare driver, I learned a lot. As I shuttled riders to their destination, I met celebrities and top business professionals that provided me with free information.

But, what a lot of people don’t know is, when you drive for Uber and Lyft, you can get many perks including:

  • Discounted car repairs
  • Discounted event tickets
  • A free college education

Yes! Uber Pro drivers can earn a college education. Uber will give drivers (that give a lot of rides and keep a high rating) a free semester at Arizona State University. I earned it myself. Since I already have a Bachelor’s Degree, I chose not to use it, but it’s a great perk. And you can choose to give the free semester to a relative. The free semester is based on a quarterly qualification, so it’s possible to earn a degree, completely free!

As a rideshare driver, I made about $30/hour, plus tips (before expenses). And prices surge on the weekend. So, it’s very possible to make more.

Many rideshare side hustles can be found on AppJobs.com.



delivery driver jobs

Delivery jobs are in high demand. More people would rather stay home and have food and other items brought to them. And you can avoid having strangers in your car.

Companies such as Amazon, UberEats, Postmates, and more are constantly looking for drivers. And they easily pay $25/hour or more (plus tips).

Deliveries are not limited to food. For example, Postmates drivers will often deliver Apple products from the Apple store. Find great delivery gigs on AppJobs.



cleaning jobs

Business owners are under more strict guidelines to keep their businesses clean. And people need their homes cleaned.

Take advantage of this demand, and make an average of $90/hour with companies such as Bark and Task Rabbit. Many times, services are needed at night or on the weekend. Check them out on AppJobs.



dog walker jobs

If you love pets, this side hustle is for you. Walking dogs or looking after pets while the owners are away, can earn you $1,000/month.

And if you use fitness apps, like Achievement and Sweatcoin, you can earn free gift cards and free items for being active. So, walk those dogs, and make money in these apps at the same time.

Dog walker and pet sitter jobs can be found on AppJobs.com which listscompanies such as Rover.




Senior Caregiver jobs are always in demand. But did you know you can do it online?

With companies such as Papa, you can be a companion to a senior that needs someone to talk to during a virtual visit. Expect to make $11/hour with Papa. And there are more options on AppJobs.com.



mystery shopping jobs side hustles

I have been a mystery shopper for years. And I have made a lot of money. Mystery shopping is when you pretend to be a normal customer, and report back to the hiring company about your experience.

Mystery shopping isn’t just shopping, but it also includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Cruises
  • Food delivery
  • Hotels

Usually, I make at least $25 for each job. With companies such as Bestmark, I was able to make as much as $150 for completing an assignment.

On the AppJobs website, I found mystery shopping options including one with EasyShift that pay shoppers to check the prices in stores.



mover jobs side hustles

Most people move on the weekend. If you can do some heavy lifting, you can make $21/hour with Bellhops. They are a company that can be found on AppJobs.com. Be sure to check them out.



nanny babysitter jobs side hustle

Parents always need sitters. Many times, they need someone to watch the kids on the weekend. With companies such as Care.com or Sitter.com, sitters can make $100/day or more.

I’ve hired sitters from Care.com, and sitters often get tips in addition to the regular rate. So, you can make some pretty good money on the weekend with this side hustle.

You can find many babysitting/nanny jobs on AppJobs.com.


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